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The Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, MINAE, is the institution responsible for managing the resources of Costa Rica for the protection of the environment as well as being the body responsible for coordinating the energy issue in the country. It consists of various decentralized agencies under the Ministry.


SINAC, an agency of the MINAE in Costa Rica, has its own legal authority within the government to exercise its function as a management agency in the areas of forestry, wildlife, protected areas in addition to all the natural resources of Costa Rica. Its job is to dictate policy, plan and implement processes aimed at achieving sustainability in the management of natural resources.

SINAC is a concept of integrated conservation, which offers the possibility of developing a responsible governance, involving the State, civil society, private enterprise, and every individual of the country concerned and committed to building a healthy environment and ecologically balanced system for the country of Costa Rica.

Territorially the SINAC is divided into eleven conservation areas where both public and state activities are interrelated for the purpose of creating joint solutions and targeted strategies for conservation and the sustainable development of natural resources

The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a facility that receives animals that the government of Costa Rica confiscates from any type of illegal situation. That is usually the illegal pet trade or illegal domestication by people. We also receive abandoned or orphaned baby and adult animals that have been injured but survive. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release them back to their natural habitat and to provide sanctuary for those animals that cannot be returned to their natural habitat because of disability, injury or severe over-domestication. We also work to educate and enlighten the people of the world about the amazing animals of Costa Rica!